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设计师: 李巧言





The project is located on the first floor of Block C, Boyuan Science and Technology Plaza, Yanxiang Road, Yanta District, Xi'an. The relative elevation of the floor is 7.7m, the height under the beam is 6.46m, and the plane area is 340 square meters.

Design Principles and Conception

According to the requirement of the builder, the scheme needs to be used in two layers: one is Chinese and Western pharmacies, laboratories, emergency rooms, nurses'service stations, the other is comprehensive treatment rooms, conference rooms, waiting rooms, infusion areas, operating rooms, etc. The other is stem cell clinics with high-end private health management as the main function, and the activation and repair of cells as the design elements, which can be applied to the overall space design. Every healthy cell swims in the indoor space. With advanced design concepts, multimedia automation design, professional lighting configuration, fully meet all the functions of clinics and small hospitals. Perfect sound absorption, sound insulation means, scientific and practical arc shape to highlight the atmosphere, large-scale use of white paint hanging boards, showing a healthy, clean and bright main tone, linear light arc rotating staircase finishing pen, in order to meet the function of the premise of the overall space presents a high-level aesthetic style.


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